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Hunter Nursing Nannies are fostering foals for a myriad of reasons and not only the obviously orphaned foal. The appeal of the service has grown beyond expectations with foals being fostered from mares that:

  • Will not conceive whilst nursing a foal;
  • Mares who due to injury or illness, are confined to a stable or small yard and you wish your foal to grow in a healthy paddock situation;
  • Mares who have undergone extensive verterinary procedures, such as colic surgery, and cannot cope with nursing a foal;
  • Mares who are to be travelled interstate or overseas and you wish to manage your foal at home;
  • Mares that windsuck and you don't want to risk your foal developing the habit;
  • Old mares that cannot raise a foal to optimum levels and you wish to maximise your sale ring or racetrack potential;
  • Performance mares that you wish to return to competition;

the reasons for using a Hunter Nursing Nanny are endless!

The difference that a Hunter Nursing Nanny can make to your foal is evident in these two photos. This foal was definitely not prospering on its own mother and the decision was made to foster it on a nanny at three months of age. These foals can be very hard to turn around but the photos speak for themselves!

10 days after fostering 2 months later

Hunter Nursing Nannies is all about making your life a little bit easier when things are looking bleak. We will always endeavour to come to you to foster the foal and you can be assured that your valuable foal is in the most competent and experienced of hands with over 500 foals having been successfully fostered by the same "faces" since 2001. The Hunter Nursing Nannies service encompasses the complete fostering process, guaranteeing you a quality mare and successful outcome with no heartache or experience necessary on your part.

If you think that a Hunter Nursing Nanny may be beneficial for your foal this season please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your individual requirements, as many of the mares are booked in advance.