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Colostrum Bank

Udderly EZ Mare MilkerHunter Nursing Nannies has developed a Colostrum Bank with frozen colostrum available for purchase. All colostrum is tested for quality and antibody levels are guaranteed. Colostrum is available in 500ml bottles and transport can be arranged.


Udderly EZ Mare Milker

Also available for purchase is the Udderly EZ Mare Milker which safely and easily allows you to milk your mares for the purpose of Colostrum collection. It can also be used to reduce discomfort in mares that have tight udders for varying reasons, such as due to sick foals that have gone
off the suck or foals that are haemolytic and you cannot let them nurse from the mare.

Performance Horses for Sale

Hunter Nursing Nannies breed for temperament and have many performance horses available for purchase. Please visit our Hall of Fame and our Stallions and Horses for Sale pages to see what is currently available.